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Install PowerShell 7.x.x

Check the current version $PSVersionTable.PSVersion

This requires admin permissions on the windows system.

winget install --id Microsoft.Powershell --source winget

Configure PowerShell 7 as CMD default

Open the windows shell, select in the menu the drop down and settings, select powershell and save.

Configure PowerShell 7 as VS Code default

Open the user Settings settings.json to add the new shell, you can see all Settings (read only) in the Default Settings (JSON).

  • ctrl+p
  • type Open Settings

Add the new install PowerShell 7 and set it as the new default.

"": {
    "PowerShell_7": {
        "source": "PowerShell",
        "icon": "terminal-powershell",
        "path": "C:\\Program Files\\PowerShell\\\pwsh.exe"
"": "PowerShell_7",
Note: Visual Studio Code needs a restart after this change.


Increase icon size for large screens


Eclipse autoscale comes with some examples. Basically quarter means leave it to the system to scale in 25% steps. Alternatively, use integers like 200 to scale to 200%.


Memory settings ParallelGC

In theory, the ParallelGC should be better.


Memory settings G1

Where the G1 is optimized for shorter GC pause, which maybe is good too.



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