Aspects with Annotations


Define a pointcut for annotated methods. The most example are based only on @within or @annotation which has the downside that the aspect is added to all methods and the check of the annotation is executed during runtime.


public class MethodAspect {
     * This ensures that the aspect is only woven into methods with the annotation.
     * Otherwise all methods are woven!
    @Pointcut("execution(@MethodAnnotation * * (..))")
    private void isAnnotated() {};
     * (optional) Limit package scan to our project only
    @Pointcut("execution(* your.project.package..*(..))")
    private void isInPackage() {};

    @Around("isAnnotated() && isInPackage() && @annotation(annotation)")
    public Object logExecutionTime(ProceedingJoinPoint joinPoint, 
                                   MethodAnnotation annotation) throws Throwable {
        return joinPoint.proceed();

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