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Aspects with Annotations

Problem Define a pointcut for annotated methods. The most example are based only on @within or @annotation which has the downside that the aspect is added to all methods and the check of the annotation is executed during runtime. Solution Git Repository Links

Spring Boot Redirect to SwaggerUI

Problem Some services don’t have an UI and the OpenAPI/ Swagger UI should be used as default UI of the service. As so the root should be redirected directly to the SwaggerUI. Solution Just add a WebMvc redirect. Swagger Open API dependencies Spring Boot 2.x Ensure you check the current version: Spring Boot 3.x Ensure…

Java language extensions

Java 15 Records Preview (JEP 384) Example on Github Text Blocks (JEP 378) Example on Github Pattern Matching Type Checks (JEP 375) Example on Github Other Java 15 language changes Nashorn JavaScript Engine removed Java 14 Switch Expressions (JEP 361) Helpful NullPointerExceptions (JEP 358) example Java 13 Java 12

Clean Code

Jede Funktion macht genau eine Sache Damit wird sichergestellt das dieser eine klare API und Funktion hat und der Nutzer einer Methode nicht überrascht wird, zB indem es zu einem unerwarteten Seiteneffekt führt. Beispiele: „readPersonById“ ändern zudem auch den Status in der DB, weil es den Zugriff protokolliert „formatDate“ vom DateFormatter führt zu einem Fehler,…

Install minishift

Install on Windows Startup Guide Note: Windows 10 Pro or higher is required for Hyper-V — the install was recommended to be on the C: drive. Auto Install Check that your CPU virtualization is enabled Download minishift and extract it into a folder Add your user to the Hyper-V Administrators Open Command-Line as Admin User…

Reconnecting JMS listener

Problem In some projects we still may need to manually to reconnect to our JMS provider. For what ever reason the framework or the container cannot do the job for us. As so we have to ensure that an once registered JMS listener re-register itself if something bad happens. Note: Check first if your container…

Quartz integration in JEE

Nowadays everybody talks about cloud and Microservices. The JEE container isn’t that sexy anymore. With the JEE world started to move into the direction of a more lightweight structure. We should also mention docker and friends which changed the way we deploy and run applications now.